Trusted, experienced care for your pets.

Your pet can be safe and comfortable at home next time you’re on vacation. No need to impose on family and friends. In-home pet care is a low-cost, worry-free alternative to boarding. Rest assured that with Mommy & Me, your pet will be in good hands.

Working long hours lately? Have an energetic dog who needs some backyard play, a trip to the dog park or a nice stroll around the neighborhood? Mommy & Me provides all types of dog walks and play to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Why Choose Us?

As owner and operator of Mommy and Me Pet Care I am dedicated to providing the best care for you and your pets. I am a Veterinary Technician who has been pet sitting since 2001. I have hands on experience with ALL domesticated pets including exotics and I have worked in many different departments such as ICU, ER, oncology, ophthalmology, and internal medicine. I have experience with giving medications, injections, and SQ fluids. I have also been trained to administer small animal CPR and have animal first aid skills.

           – Sandi Carley, Owner

Our Customers Are Saying…

“Attentive and loving care of our pets and thoughtful conscientious attention to our home… has made it possible for us to leave town and know that our precious pets and our home are looked after with the best quality of care.”     – Dana Campbell, Darnestown, MD        Read complete letter

“Sandi is the best dog walker in Virginia. As one of her first clients, I have NEVER regretted leaving my two dogs Levi and Jack in her care, and she has never failed to provide the attention they need, sometimes going above and beyond just walking the dogs. I look to her for guidance on care, and she has provided excellent advice on the couple of occasions when they were not so well. What more could you want from your dog walker.”  – Anne Steingass

“I am incredibly attached to my dogs. They mean the world to me. It is always hard for me to be away from them, but when they are with Sandi, I never have to worry. She knows everything about them. She knows how to keep them happy and they always come back in a great mood. Additionally, because I worked with Sandi at a veterinary hospital, I also know that she knows how to deal with any medical situation that may occur. I can’t say how comforting it is to me to have Sandi take care of my dogs.” – Tony Calo, DVM

“I have known Sandi Carley for over six years now. She has cared for five of my pets over the years, four of which she cared for while they were in renal failure or receiving chemotherapy. She also worked with me as a veterinary technician at an animal hospital. She has a natural bond with animals and a strong moral work ethic. She places the animal’s needs first and respects owners’ needs and wishes. I would not hesitate to leave any of my pets with her at any time.”       – Laura Kane, DVM

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